Go Fund Me (Update)

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Thank you for your support

A Letter to our supporters.

Dear friends and supporters of Little French Key; 

As you may be aware, LFK suffered a tremendous loss as a result of a fire incident on August 28, 2018, followed by another emotionally devastating illegal removal of animals the following week. 

Many supporters immediately started to set up a Go-Fundme account for the benefit of LFK and its rebuilt efforts and recovery of the illegal taking of the animals, many donations followed. 

We streamlined all of the Go-Fundme accounts set up by our dear friends into a single account and this account was seriously abused by some hate speech and some lost souls that did not wish LFK to recover. 

Go-Fundme reps then closed the account and fully refunded the many heartfelt donations back after waiting for six months of process  for the technical reason that the account originator did not have a US bank account. 

Meanwhile we have and continuing to undertake giant and fast steps toward complete recovery and making LFK better than ever. Many believe we already have accomplished that. 

We are and have been fully operational and offer various packages for your memorial amazing day in Paradise. 

Many friends and family have helped rebuild efforts both financially and spiritually. And our dear supporters, guests and visitors have been an absolute miracle to support us emotionally, morally and financially. G-d Bless. 

We are now going to set up a link on our website direct without an intermediary to welcome any financial assistance you wish to contribute to assist us with a better, faster and more complete recovery and legal fund to return our wrongfully taken animals. 

Thank you for your kindness, support and unfettered belief in us. G-d bless you.

Little French Key, Management.

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