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Coral Ecological Initiative


Throughout our most heated recent debates, there has been one common denominator on which all parties are in agreement, namely that the coral reef is to be protected and fostered. Roatan's coral reef is arguably its most important and most popular attraction. And the study of the relationship between living organisms in and around the coral reefs and the interactions these corals have with the surrounding natural world is referred to as Coral Ecology.


Little French Key does not currently have a standing relationship with a local Coral Ecologist or a Marine Biologists, and we think we should do something about that. We believe it is essential to engage an expert in these fields who can help develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive Coral Conservation Program (CCP).


There are many kinds of sea creatures, invertebrates, and corals, algae, fish, seagrass, which are connected and depend heavily on the hard coral reef structures found in our neighboring sea. We wish to learn more about this ecosystem, and we want to see to it that it is preserved and that human impact around the reef is reduced to zero.

To better understand coral reef ecology, a variety of physical, biological, and environmental information is collected. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Types of Reefs

  • Reef Structures

  • Environments

  • Reef Sub-cultures

  • & Aquatic ecosystems

Further observations note areas in and around the reef where certain species of sea animals congregate, thrive, and grow. This gathering of information and scientific observations help us better understand how different species of marine life and sea creatures compete and coexist on the coral reef. In addition, a proper Coral Ecological study may reveal how various species work together with one another to form the Mesoamerican Coral Reef System.


Coral reefs play a vital role in the health of the oceans, and a healthy sea makes for a healthy planet. At Little French Key, we want to do our part in protecting the small area around our little Cay. Still more, we wish to join others in Roatan as industry leaders are implement and educate acceptable marine science and coral ecology practices.


We are actively seeking a working relationship with either an individual or an organization who can help us achieve our goal of being a good steward of the reef on which we live and operate our business.


Our first inclination is to find someone local to Roatan. Someone who already has intimate knowledge of the reef around us. Alternatively, if we are unable to locate a local expert who can aid us in the implementation of a sustainable marine preservation program, we will turn to the international community for their support.

For this reason, we're asking you, the public, to keep your ears peeled and your eyes open for a qualified individual or organization who can help us implement this type of program.

We see this as a top priority and an excellent place to start as we continue to look for ways to keep our promise of protecting our marine park.



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