We love our animals, all of our animals.

Top Activity

Horseback swimming at Little French Key is one of the most enjoyable activities we offer. And if you haven't ridden a horse on the beach before you should try it, you'll surely be glad you did.

Our horses start and end their day on the Roatan side of our property, where they have excellent stables and living quarters. Our horses do not live on LFK. Instead, they live on the main island of Roatan where they have access to a larger land area and where they can graze and rest.


Horseback Swimming
Moshe Caballos
Horseback riding on Little French Key

Horse Stables

Our horse stables are spacious and include a wide range of amenities. Our horses get fed, are showered, and are groomed on a daily basis by a skilled horseman.

We don't work our horses every day, and we have them rotated on a weekly work schedule with alternating work days.

On work days, horses are carried over via a ferry to Little French Key. They are there for short shifts each day. While on LFK, our horses mingle and enjoy with our guest.

Horses are brilliant and social animals. Although horses, by their very nature, have a strong fight-or-flight response, our horses are very domesticated and familiar with serving our dear visiting guests.



  • Horses can sleep lying down or standing up.

  • Female horses (mares) carry their young for 11 months.

  • Horses are saddled and trained after they turn two years old.

  • There are an estimated 300 breeds of horses in the world today.

  • Humans domesticated horses 5000 years ago.

  • Horses have biggest eyes of any mammal that lives on land.

  • A horses gallop can reach 27 mph (44 kph).

  • The fastest horse registered speeds of 55 mph (44 kph).

  • There are well over 60 million horses in the world today.

  • Horses see in full color. They are not color blind!



We have set aside a few routes for our horseback swimming tours far away from the reef and the corals. Our horses have delicate hooves with no metal horseshoes and are all natural and must, therefore, step in sand patches and routes only. These routes give our horses a variety in their work. All horseback swims are done on the sandy shore and in clear water with sandy bottoms. The water depth on our tours ranges from 1 to 3.5 feet in depth.



  • STALLION - Mail horse

  • MARE - Female horse

  • COLT - Young male horse

  • FILLY - Young female horse