Frequently Asked Questions


Will someone be at the ship terminal waiting for me?

Yes, as soon as you disembark from the ship, our drivers will be there waiting for your arrival outside the ship terminal. To get to our drivers from the Mahogany Bay’s Terminal,  Walk outside and you see the Taxi’s on your left. (If you have difficulty walking any Taxi will bring you to the outside of the gate for $2 per person), if not then please take a left and follow the main road up the hill for few minutes, until you get to the MAIN GATE OF THE PORT. Once you pass the guard, keep walking down and look for the drivers on the right side. To get to our drivers from the Coxen Hole Port of Roatan Terminal, When you get off the ship, please exit to gate 1 for pick-up. You'll find our representatives, who will supply you with the transportation to our private resort. Our Drivers will always be wearing Frenchy's 44 shirts with the LFK logo.



How do I get to a LFK Drivers?

To get to our drivers from the Mahogany Bay’s Terminal,  exit the terminal, make a left and head up and down a small ridge where you will see a group of tour operators awaiting their clients, Our Drivers will always be wearing Frenchy's 44 shirts with the LFK logo. To get to our drivers from the Coxen Hole Port of Roatan Terminal, please exit to gate 1, our Drivers will be waiting and holding signs for Little French Key, wearing Frenchy's 44 shirts with LFK logo.



How far is the walk from the terminal to the drivers?

The walk from the terminal to the drivers takes approximately 5 minutes, however, there are taxis available to take you up the ridge for a small fee of $2.00 Dollars per person, this applies only to the Mahogany Bay Terminal. And if you are arriving at the Coxen Hole Port of Roatan Terminal, please exit gate 1 for pick-up.



which package is best, which should I choose?

If you cannot make up your mind on choosing a package or an activity, do not worry, you can choose when you arrive at our facility. You may add an extra activity to your package such as horseback swim, massage etc.



I’m allergic to certain foods; will I still be able to have lunch at LFK?

If you have any food allergies, don’t worry: on the day of arrival we can substitute your lunch to gluten and shellfish free or to vegetarian.



I’m traveling with a child; do your drivers provide car seat?

No, our drivers do not provide car seat for children.



Is LFK wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most of the areas of our facility are wheelchair and handicap friendly and accessible



How many people can LFK Accommodate?

Our facility maximum capacity is 500 people per day, seldom do we reach this capacity with average being about 100-150 people per day.



At what time do we need to get back to the ship?

Whenever you feel like going back to the ship, our drivers are available and waiting at Frenchy’s 44, but rest assured, we will get you back to the ship in time for departure.



What are the rates for children of different ages?

Kids from 2 years to 11 are 50% off on the packages. Kids under 2 years of age are free.



Is there any special discount at LFK?

  • Yes! Group reservation of 10 guests and up receives 10% off per person.

  • Group reservation of 50 guests and up receives 15% off per person.

  • Children ages 3-11 receive 50% discount.

  • Children ages 0-2 are free.

  • Travel agencies receives 10% off per person.

  • Military personnel receives 10% off

*Only one discount applies per person - the greater discount will be applied for any package/per person. Returning guests receives 10% off per person.



Can we add activities once at LFK?

Sure, the activities prices are as follows:

  • Paddle Board - $25

  • Kayaking - $25

  • Snorkel gear - $10

  • Snorkel Tour - $10 pp

  • Horseback Swimming - $25 pp

  • Mani/Pedicure - $30 pp

  • Guided Snorkel Tour - $20 pp

  • Massages - $1/min. (30 min. minimum)



What is LFk Cancellation policy?

In general, the cancellation policy of Little French Key applies as follows:

  • Cancellations made 15 days or more before the arrival date apply a 10% charge.

  • Cancellations made 3 to 14 days before arrival date apply a charge of 2 nights.

  • Cancellations made 0 to 2 days before the arrival date a 100% charge applies. If the room is marked as non-cancelable, non-refundable or similar, a 100% penalty applies regardless of the date you request the cancellation. (honeymoons) Cancellation policies may vary depending on the time of year or type of room.

  • Non-refundable cancellations: High season (Christmas, New Year, Easter, summer) and holidays such as (Feb 14, May 1, Sep 15, Morazan week).


Little French Key Waiver

WARNING (Read Carefully):

By signing this agreement, you give up the right to sue for any injury or damages, Howsoever caused, Little French Key, LLC, of Roatan, Honduras (hereinafter referred to collectively as “LFK.”) and owners, employees, representatives, officers, and agents (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Employees”). I, hereby sign this agreement on behalf of myself, my child, my personal representatives, heirs, and assigns.

1. I agree as a precondition to my participation in an animal viewing or a petting zoo or field trip or Spend the Day, Birthday Party (hereinafter referred to collectively as The Event”) event organized by LFK and or its Employees, conducted by the LFK or its Employees, and in further consideration of LFK allowing me to do so, to be strictly bound by the terms of this Waiver, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement (hereinafter referred to collectively as “This Agreement”)

2. I acknowledge that animal encounters and petting zoo activities involve inherent risks that may cause serious injury and possibly death to participants.

3. I fully understand the risks and dangers associated with my child’s (or my personal representative, heirs or assigns) participation, in The Event, and accept same entirely at my own risk.

4. I hereby waive any and all claims, which I may have against LFK, and/or its Employees, and release LFK and its Employees from all liability for injury, death, property damage, or any other loss sustained by me or my child (or the child I am representing) as a result of my/their participation in the Event, due to any cause whatsoever including, without limitation, negligence on the part of LFK or its Employees, for any and all legal fees (on a solicitor and his own client basis) or costs, which may be incurred in defending any lawsuit or claim I may bring against them.

5. I appreciate that This Agreement applies whether LFK is at fault or not and it limits the liability of The Employees to the same extent as it limits the liability of LFK even though The Employees are not formal parties to This Agreement.

I understand, further, that LFK in securing execution of This Agreement by myself is acting as agent or trustee on behalf of or for the benefit of The Employees who shall to this extent be or be deemed to be parties to This Agreement.

I have read and understood this agreement, I understand that this document contains a promise not to sue LFK or The Employees and release and indemnify same for all claims.