April, 2019

Employee of the Month


We have restarted again our “employees of the month” program, to select two employees every month, among our dedicated best employees as “employees of the month”. 

This is to acknowledge the best and most dedicated to their job. They receive full acknowledgment and a bonus for their efforts extraordinary and “beyond” the job requirement efforts. 

This month Employees off the Month are Albert Zuniga and Hector Matute.


The Selection Process

We have restarted our “employees of the month” program. We recognize two employees each month as our “employees of the month”.  We do this is as an acknowledgement of their dedication and hard work. Employees receive full acknowledgment and a financial bonus for their extraordinary effort and for going beyond the job requirements.

The finalist are selected by their supervisor and through positive feedback we receive on social media and reviews we see on TripAdvisor. Please join our efforts of acknowledging these hard working & dedicated employees by sharing your comments below.

Please join us in selecting future employees of the month by leaving a positive comment in any of the below social platforms and please be sure to tag us #LittleFrenchKey

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