History of Little French Key

then. now. why.

We are often asked what is the 44 in Frenchy’s 44 about...?

Our area was first settled by a Frenchman pirate and was thus called Frenchman Cay, later abbreviated to French Cay. The number 44 is a mystical number and pays tribute to my father and foremost G-d and the Bible, the great originators. It is often that we need to play our part in a cosmic plan laid before us and do our best to make the place better than we found it. With that in mind, we hope that we remain connected and on the right path, so help us G-d.

Located on the Bay Islands of Roatan, Little French Key is a private and secure island providing fun and adventurous aquatic activities for the entire family to enjoy in a safe and carefree setting. Little French Key has evolved over the years to the premier Cruise Excursion destination for Roatan. There have been many changes since settling LFK almost 2 decades ago, all stemming from the desire to share this beautiful creation with others and preserving the beauty that is Roatan.



ECO Friendly

One of the ideas behind the LFK has been to create an ecologically friendly place that could embrace and encapsulate the culture, history, and flavors of Roatan and share it with visitors to the island.

We get most of our electricity from a wind turbine with a zero carbon footprint. We collect all the rainwater from the roofs for daily usage and irrigation; our sewage system is a Piranha, bio-digested closed loop system with Zero discharge to the sea or the Island. Recycling is of utmost priority and performed whenever possible. To keep the balance of the Ecosystem around us, our Island resort maintains a minimal footprint with no sewage system. LFK is also involved with numerous animal rehabilitation programs that rescue various indigenous and exotic animals for the benefit of those animals and the Roatan community. Please inquire for more details.


Roatan Excursions


Daily Cruise Shore Excursions are available every day except Monday. However, we invite everyone to come and join us and partake of the beauty of LFK for an extended stay. The house has been converted into an All Inclusive Resort Experience (only on your private Island), or on a per room reservation Bed & Breakfast. Either option provides access to the beauty, fun, and memories of LFK. This magnificent home is the perfect place to relax, indulge, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Don't take our word for it. Ask El Chevo...

In creating this attraction, our mission has been to build around the natural charm of the private island, while maintaining, protecting and preserving the environment and the surrounding reef; something we are proud to have accomplished. The Perfect Setting for your Celebration and enjoyment.




All of our employees are local Islanders and Honduran, some of whom have been with us for many years and since the beginning. Staffing over 80 local citizens of Roatan, we are creating jobs and economic growth for all involved with us




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Daily Cruise Shore Excursion

The most exciting, fun, relaxing, and memorable experience of your Cruise to the Caribbean.

Animal Rescue Center

Experience the local wildlife of Honduras. Monkeys, pumas, and various exotic animals.

Caribbean Cuisine

Gourmet local and fresh island cuisine at one of our 3 open air restaurants.

Vacation Rental

Vacation Home rental with all the amenities for the perfect getaway.






One of the ideas behind the LFK has been to create an ecologically friendly place that could embrace and encapsulate the culture, history and flavors of Roatan and share it with visitors to the island.

Surrounded by the calm, warm turquoise clear waters of the Caribbean, the gentle whisper of light sea breeze and the soothing sound of the reef serenading its shore, Little French Key was built with respect for the environment and great consideration for the marine life that is part of the allure of Roatan Island.

Besides sharing our little piece of paradise with the public and feeling good about doing something good for the environment, one of our greatest rewards, at the end of the day, is seeing our guests leave with a big smile on their faces

Little French Key truly is your portal to Paradise.
Come experience blissful happiness with a hint of Caribbean mystery!